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Do you remember the 90’s?

Remember people saying ‘ I’ve had my colours done?’

Many years ago my mother and I trained in Colour Analysis, we loved doing it and all our clients loved having it done.

Since reaching midlife myself and feeling slightly disconcerted that my favourite colours were not looking so good on me anymore and after the relaxed (lazy) dressing during the pandemic era I knew I needed a rethink.

Having been a skin specialist for over 35 years now I also think extreme solutions to skin lifting may not be the only option!

When we are wearing our best colours the face looks more radiant and lifted. A win win situation

That’s without the costly mistakes we make in the shops and online without knowing our best dominant colours.

So don’t delay, come and see me and let’s put the va va voom back into yourself and step out with confidence.


Colour package prices  
Enjoy 90 minutes of discovering your personal dominant colours and how to combine them. Included is a make up application with colour advice and leave with a Swatch of your dominant 30 colours. £125.00

Bring a friend or relative and both enjoy all of the above for £225.00